General Instructions for Use of Caltrans Construction Contract Standards

Caltrans Construction Contract Standards include the standard special provisions (SSPs), Notice to Bidders, Standard Specifications, Standard Plans, standard bid items, and Bid Book.

The use of standards is required to ensure that contracts are clear, concise, correct, complete, and incompliance with FHWA guidelines.

Do not edit an SSP beyond the instructions in that SSP.

The Department requires substantial justification and approval for deviation from the standards. Deviation should be rare and will not be approved for minor or preferential changes.

These standards are the culmination of extensive development by the Department's most competent and proficient professionals. Concurrence has been obtained from stakeholders including the Construction Division, Legal Division, and FHWA. When applicable, concurrence has also been obtained from industry and other agencies

The current editions of the standards are displayed with the year of the edition shown in the banner. Do not mix and match the files from different editions.

The editions listed under the banner "Contract Standards Archives" are not maintained and are for information only.

You may buy copies of the Standard Specifications and Standard Plans from Caltrans' Publications Unit.

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