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Inquiry #1: Would you please clarify what will be needed for bid item #8 "Temp Gravel Bag Berm" - 8,000 LF:
1) Plan sheet WPCQ-1 says these bags are to be placed to protect the slotted drain, and refers to Standard Plan T62. This detail does not show the configuration of gravel bags at or along a slotted drain. How far off the edge of the drain are the bags to be placed? Should they be laid one level or two levels high?
2) Plan sheet C-1 indicates that the existing slotted drain is along an existing median concrete barrier. Plan sheet X-1 indicates that the median shoulder is only 2' wide. Would we be creating a road hazard by placing gravel bags right next to the driving lanes of this very curvy road?

Inquiry submitted 04/18/2018

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 04/20/2018

Response #2:Please bid per plans and specs.
Response posted 04/25/2018

Inquiry #2: Please refer to plan sheet Q-1 (8/31):
The chart for "Locally Failed Areas" - location column "PM" - some of the locations specify mile markers such as 7.0 & 7.1. Other locations have a "T" prefix. What does the "T" prefix signify?

Inquiry submitted 04/26/2018

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 04/27/2018

Response #2:Refer to 2002 California State Highway Log. Prefix T is for Temporary Connection.
Response posted 04/27/2018

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