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Inquiry #1: Will there be a .EBSX, bid book file made available for this project?
Inquiry submitted 09/04/2019

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 09/04/2019

Response #2:The EBSx file was posted to on 8/26 and is available for download.
Response posted 09/04/2019

Inquiry #2: Bid Item 30 3" galvanized steel pipe and Item 31 4" galvanized steel pipe are not shown on plan set? The irrigation legend doesn't list those items and layout plans don't show locations either? Please advise as to the locations of the galvanized pipe.
Inquiry submitted 09/18/2019

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 09/18/2019

Response #2:Those items are used to construct the sidewalk drains and are found in the drainage sheets.
Response posted 09/18/2019

Inquiry #3: Bid Item 28 remove irrigation facility its unclear as to the extend and what should be removed? Sheet IP-1 states remove or abandon existing irrigation system downstream from existing backflow. Now exactly what is to be removed spray heads, pipe, etc. ?
Inquiry submitted 09/20/2019

Response #1:Remove any irrigation facility downstream of the backflow, then follow Note #2 on sheet IP-1.

All other irrigation facilities will be replaced with new items. The existing battery operated controller is to be removed and then relocated. The City wanted to keep that controller, so we are re-using it. Everything else downstream of BPA is to be removed.
Response posted 09/26/2019

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