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Inquiry #1: Please specify type of netting required for Bid Item No. 23 - RECP (Netting).
Inquiry submitted 06/07/2018

Response #1:Type A, 400 gram with 65% open area.
Response posted 06/13/2018

Inquiry #2: 1) Ref: Sheet C-1 Note 1:
- Is it the intention for the inserted treated timber to be placed into the gaps situated between the top and bottom of the existing wood lagging? Or should the contractor plan that some level of the entire board will be removed and replaced?
- For the nailing requirements is it the intention to toe nail between the existing top and bottom boards and newly inserted timber material?

Inquiry submitted 06/08/2018

Response #1:The treated timber inserts are needed to retain the grouting during cure. They need to be attached securely enough to perform that function. There is no need to remove them afterwards.
Response posted 06/13/2018

Inquiry #3: Sheet #6 Drainage Plan D-1, Notes #3 requires all exposed CSP, Polymeric Sheet Coating must match color no. 30051. The only color available in polymeric coating from Dow (trenchcoat) is Black.
Inquiry submitted 06/12/2018

Response #1:It is available in Black, brown and green. Black or brown is fine.
Response posted 06/13/2018

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