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Inquiry #1: 1. Concrete mix, Will the state wave the 1.5 hrs to complete the discharge of concrete.
2. Drainage systems 3 and 4 have temporary construction easements for the inlet side of the system. The outlet sides of both systems do not show any TCE, especially on the 36 in down drains and soil anchors. The new systems are shown to go outside the THVF, but there is no mention of what our limits are in the Environmental sensitive area for the down drains and soil anchors. What are the guidelines for working in this area?

Inquiry submitted 08/27/2018

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 08/27/2018

Response #2:1. Where locations make it infeasible to achieve the discharge of concrete within 90 minutes this requirement may be waived.
2. Refer to note #5 on sheet L-1 (#2 of 74), no additional TCEs are needed to construct the project. Note that there is a break in the THVF at the locations in question. Disturbances for the down drains in question should be kept to the minimum needed to construct the work.

Response posted 08/28/2018

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