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Inquiry #1: Please clarify Plant Establishment time period to complete work. Specials state "Complete the plant establishment work within 365 working days." Do you mean 365 calendar days? Or 250 working days?
Inquiry submitted 08/15/2019

Response #1:250 Working Days.
Response posted 08/15/2019

Inquiry #2: Per irrigation plans sheets IPP-1, IPP-2 and IPP_3, new remote control valves shown to be connected with new conductors to the existing controllers N, O and L, which required to be trenched through the existing landscaped areas. Since there are more existing remote control valves shown to be removed at each one of the specified controllers, please confirm if new remote control valves can be re-connected to the existing conductors.

If new conductors required, please confirm if there are existing crossovers and conduits for those locations that new conductors will be crossed under existing hardscape areas?

Inquiry submitted 08/19/2019

Response #1:1) If conductors can pass a conductivity test they can be used. 2) See irrigation plans.
Response posted 08/19/2019

Inquiry #3: Please confirm if the existing trees within clearing and grubbing areas with no callout for removal are to remain and need to be protected during construction.
Inquiry submitted 08/19/2019

Response #1:Please refer to the standard specifications for clearing and grubbing.
Response posted 08/19/2019

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