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Inquiry #1: In regards to the Minor Concrete (Stamped Concrete), with a color code of AMS 595A Color 30111 of a Brick Pattern Size 8" x 4", can we receive more information on the color specifications. Currently there is no cross over match with the given color code.

Thank You

Inquiry submitted 09/24/2019

Response #1:Information regarding the AMS 395A standard may be found at We have no crossover information.
Response posted 09/26/2019

Inquiry #2: Irrigation Plan IP-1 sheet 88, Note #3 "AMS : Aerospace Materials Standard". What is AMS referring to on the Irrigation Plans?
Inquiry submitted 09/27/2019

Response #1:AMS defines the acronym used on LD-1.
Response posted 09/27/2019

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