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Inquiry #1: There are existing paving at the proposed rock blanket areas, but there is no bid item for the removal of existing paving. Which bid item should be used for the removal of existing paving?
Inquiry submitted 08/01/2019

Response #1:The price for rock blanket work includes removal of existing paving, re-grading and construction set up for the rock blanket
Response posted 08/02/2019

Inquiry #2: For the proposed irrigation control and neutral conductor, how deep should they be installed? Since there are no proposed irrigation pipes along with the new conductors, Should we excavate ground just for the conductors?
Inquiry submitted 08/01/2019

Response #1:Where ever needed ground should be excavated for irrigation control and neutral conductors, whether in pipe ditch or the conductors by themselves. The ditch excavated should be a minimum of 6 inches or greater.

Response posted 08/02/2019

Inquiry #3: Please advise whether the fertilizer quantities on sheet PQ-1 are to be paid for as bid/contract item 15 or whether they are provided for information only and to be paid for as part of bid/contract item 20.
Inquiry submitted 08/02/2019

Response #1:The quantity chart for fertilizer on PQ-1 is strictly for information for both plant establishment and installation. It?s to tell the best times to put down fertilizer for the plants.
Response posted 08/05/2019

Inquiry #4: Irrigation sprinkler schedule does not indicate the type of swing joint to use for the Bubbler. please provide type.
Inquiry submitted 08/08/2019

Response #1:For the bubbler heads we are using a riser type V and no swing joint.

Response posted 08/09/2019

Inquiry #5: Some of the work areas are expected to expose workers to unsafe conditions as a result of these areas' proximity to homeless encampments. Whose responsibility is the mitigation of these conditions? If the contractor is responsible, will this be paid for as extra work?
Inquiry submitted 08/12/2019

Response #1:If this is an issue, at the pre-construction meeting contractor should convey to Resident Engineer, who in turn will notify maintenance, they have a contract to remediate homeless encampments.

Response posted 08/12/2019

Inquiry #6: Please advise which closure chart(s) applies to Croesus Ave. on-ramp to WB 105 and Croesus Ave. off-ramp from WB 105.
Inquiry submitted 08/12/2019

Response #1:Croesus Ave Off-ramp from WB 105 applies to Chart No. J7.
Croesus Ave On-ramp to WB 105 applies to Chart No. J8.

Response posted 08/13/2019

Inquiry #7: For item #7 Temporary Mulch, there are no call outs on the plans where this is going to be applied. Also, what type of wood mulch material is needed per section 20 of the 2018 standard spec book and the depth that is required?
Inquiry submitted 08/13/2019

Response #1:Temporary Mulch is used where ever needed on the job site. Like the fiber rolls they are used on slopes to treat runoff before planting is done. There are no particular spots where it will be applied. Wood Chip Mulch is the item and the depth is stated on the plant list, which is 3 inches.

Response posted 08/13/2019

The information provided in the responses to bidder inquiries is not a waiver of Section 2-1.07, "JOB SITE AND DOCUMENT EXAMINATION" of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with the contract. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may change a previous response.