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Inquiry #1: Bid item 35 - 560218 Furnish Sign Structure (Truss) is a CMS Model 500 shown on sheet C-8 (10 of 98) however none of the notes tell us if the CMS is a Full Cantilever or Unbalanced Butterfly and also if it is a Single Sided Walkway (Frontside only) or Double Sided Walkway (Frontside and Backside Walkways). Please clarify what type of CMS this is going to be with what type of walkway.
Inquiry submitted 09/19/2019

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 09/19/2019

Response #2:“The CMS Model 500 is a Full Cantilever with a Single-Sided Walkway (Frontside only).”
Response posted 10/04/2019

The above Item is called out at locations #5 & 7. I find no details for the 10.3 LF of Barrier per location. Please provide details for this Item.

Inquiry submitted 10/10/2019

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 10/11/2019

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