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12-0K0214 | List of Bid Items | Project Plans | Notice to Bidders and Special Provisions | Forms for Bid | Bid Book | 44 bidder inquiries | See addenda (3)
This project has a mandatory pre-bid meeting
Place HMA, install conc pavement, retain wall, modify elect sys.
12-Ora-5-12.4/14.5 * Date Advertised 08/26/2019
Bids Opening in Sacramento * Bids Open 10/15/2019
Estimate: $120,000,000
In Orange County In San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel And Mission Viejo From 0.5 Mile South Of Avery Parkway Undercrossing To 0.8 Mile North Of Crown Valley Parkway Overcrossing
The Contractor must have either a Class A license or any combination of the following Class C licenses which constitutes a majority of the work: C-8, C-12.
1110 Working Days * 17% DBE Requirement *
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