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Public Notice

Electronic Bidding Update
Caltrans is pleased to announce that implementation of electronic bidding on highway construction contracts has begun. Caltrans has chosen the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, Trns*port Expedite Bid software as its electronic bidding solution. Expedite is integrated with Info Tech's Bid Express Internet Bidding Service (Bidx) for the submittal of electronic bids through the Internet.

More information regarding Expedite Bid can be found at the Expedite product website at More information regarding Bidx can be found at the Bidx website at For more information regarding Caltrans electronic bidding please contact Chris Rice, at (916)227-6235 or

Electronic Bidding Guide available here.

DVBE Requirements
The Department of Transportation has implemented new DVBE goal setting procedures on its non-federal aid construction contracts over $250,000.
Effective March 21, 2011, state funded contracts advertised will have the following DVBE goals:

  • $1 million and under 5% DVBE goals.
  • $1 million and $5 million 3% DVBE goals.
  • Over $5 million No goals. DVBE incentive provisions apply.
Bidders are reminded that good faith efforts do not apply to these contracts.
Bidders are cautioned to use certified DVBE firms performing commercially-useful functions on the contract in order to receive credit towards the DVBE goals or incentives.
Each contract advertisement, Notice to Bidders and Special Provisions contain the DVBE requirements.
If you have any questions about the DVBE goals, please submit a bidder's inquiry.

Attention contractors:

If you'd like to pull back your submitted bid to make corrections, make sure you fill out the latest signature card and fax it in to the bidder's exchange. We also have a new release of bid documents form to keep with your bid runner in the event that you need to revise a bid. Both files are available on our Contractor Info Table, under the Bid Opening column.

Enter this site to view the Department's draft documents for the Design-Build Demonstration Program. Please submit your comments and questions.

If you need help with bonding, check out the Small Business Administration's Technical Assistance Bonding programs at

Plans, Specs, etc.:
Project Document Distribution Site Homepage

Enter this site to search for, view, download and print roadway projects that are in advertised and active status.

File Format Information

A guide to the "types" of files commonly found on the Office Engineer web site

File Format Information | File Naming Conventions

File Format Information

.doc (.DOC) Files
Many Office Engineer text files use the "hidden text" feature of Microsoft Word. Therefore, it is recommended that only MS-Word be used to ensure full file compatibility. MS-Word files are readable with MS-Word 97 or greater for Windows, or MS-Word 98 or greater for Macintosh. Due to the usage of unique MS-Word features in some files, they must be distributed in the .doc
(Word 97/98) file format.
Office Engineer is unable to provide these files in other text formats.

.pdf (.PDF) Files
These are files that can be view using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader available
at Adobe's web site. Acrobat Reader is available for many platforms including:
Macintosh and Windows.

.tif, .TIF, .tiff, .TIFF Files
These are graphic files that can be read with any application capable of reading "tiff" files, such as:

  • Macintosh workstations can use iPhoto or other options to view and print images
  • Windows workstations can open TIFF files using software built into the Windows operating system, or one of many third-party applications
  • TIF files can be printed on full-size (24 x 36 inch) plan sheets at local shops specializing in document imaging, drafting supply, blueprinting, or plotting. Check your local listings for vendors in your area.

Office Engineer File Naming Conventions

The following letters are used indicate the purpose of files on the Office Engineer web site.

addendum (the number after ad indicates the addendum number)
bid summary (project specific)
engineers estimate
notice to contractors
special provisions book