Projects advertised for the week of 01/14/2019 to 01/18/2019

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Caltrans is in the process of upgrading its bidding software from Expedite Bid (Expedite) to Project Bids (BIDS). Beginning December 1, 2018, bidders can download the BIDS software, create a new Digital ID, and submit a request to bid with Caltrans through
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Beginning December 31, 2018, Caltrans could possibly have the first projects advertised with the new software. Bidders will need the BIDS software to view contract information for these projects. Beginning February 18, 2019, all bidders will need the BIDS software, Digital ID and request to bid with Caltrans approved before submitting bids.

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is partnering with utility companies to help protect critical energy infrastructure information. To do this, Caltrans is administering a non-disclosure and user agreement (NDA). Access to the project plans will be allowed only to those who have a Caltrans Bidding Connect account and who agree to the terms of the NDA. Please see this NDA instruction.
A database will record the name, date, time, and project number(s) each time a Caltrans Bidding Connect account holder accesses project plans. Caltrans employees are exempted.
The implementation was on November 30, 2017.

Electronic bid files i.e. bid books and addenda, are distributed only through the website. These electronic bid files are no longer available on the Caltrans website.
The implementation was on October 16, 2017.

Please allow at least 7 days to complete the electronic bidding registration process for the first time. More information regarding electronic bidding can be found on the Caltrans Electronic Bidding website.

Be sure to check the Addendum Page for Addendum Information on projects advertised and out to bid. For best results, please use Internet Explorer as the browser to use with Caltrans' web pages. If you are using Firefox and the PDF files are displayed poorly, please see this instruction.

03-0H10U4 | List of Bid Items | Project Plans | Notice to Bidder and Special Provisions | Forms for Bid | Bid Book | 0 bidder inquiries
NewThis project requires AASHTOWare Project Bids software to access the Bid Book. Available at
This project has a mandatory pre-bid meeting
HMA, Precast JCP, Construct POC, fiber optic and soundwalls
03-Sac-5-9.7/24.9 * Date Advertised 01/14/2019
Bids Opening in Sacramento * Bids Open 03/06/2019
Estimate: $280,000,000
In Sacramento County In And Near Sacramento From 1.1 Miles South Of Elk Grove Boulevard To American River Viaduct
The Contractor must have either a Class A license or any combination of the following Class C licenses which constitutes a majority of the work: C-12, C-8, C-61D06.
440 Working Days * 15% DBE Requirement
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