Contractor’s Corner

New Updates. January 3, 2024

Caltrans is dedicated to increasing the participation of small businesses in Non-Federal aid contracts awarded by the Department. Pursuant to Government Code Section 14110.3, Caltrans is committed to meet or exceed its statutory goal of 25 percent certified small business participation in Non-Federal aid contracts and procurements. In support of this effort, Caltrans is seeking the active support and participation of all of its prime contractor partners in helping Caltrans to meet this objective. Caltrans has established contract specific goals of 5% (and on selected projects a goal of 25%) on Non-Federal aid funded, construction-related contracts and procurements. "Small Business Goals apply" will be displayed on advertised projects when applicable.

Under Govt Code 14835 et seq. and 2 CA Code of Regs 1896 et seq., the Department gives preference to certified small businesses and non-small businesses who commit to 25 percent certified small business participation. "Small Business Preference(s) apply" will be displayed on advertised projects when applicable.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Construction Contract Awards at 916-227-6299.

New Updates. October 12, 2023

On August 23, 2023, the Office of Management and Budget posted revised guidance on the Federal Register in the form of 2 CFR 184 & 200. This includes expansion of construction materials subject to Buy America requirements. Accordingly, Caltrans will revise requirements in Section 6-1.04, "Buy America," in the Special Provisions for most projects advertising after October 23, 2023.

Below is a revised Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link to assist potential bidders with questions on these revised "Buy America" requirements. Please submit a bidder inquiry through the Contractor's Corner web page for additional questions.

Click here for Revised Buy America FAQ document

New Updates. October 10, 2023

Effective October 1, 2023, prime contractors and public works awarding bodies are subject to the requirements in Title 13, California Code of Regulations Section 2449 et seq. For projects involving the use of vehicles subject to this regulation, no prime contractor or public works awarding body shall enter into a contract with a fleet for which it does not have the valid Certificate of Reported Compliance for the fleet. Copies must be obtained of the valid Certificates of Reported Compliance prior to entering into a new or renewed contract with that fleet. For the complete regulation and more information, visit: Off-Road Diesel Regulation | California Air Resources Board

To be compliant by January 1, 2024, the Department will begin requiring bidders complete the In-Use Off-Road Diesel-Fueled Vehicle List form and submit valid Certificates of Reported Compliance for the fleet for all projects bid opening in November 2023.


Caltrans electronic bidding provides flexibility to you. In case of an emergency due to natural circumstances causing electrical shut off or if you are simply away from your machine for any reason and need to submit your bid, the Digital ID for Project Bids can be distributed across several machines. You will be able to submit your project bids from the location of your choosing. Additionally, all projects are advertised for three to seven weeks and bids can be submitted and resubmitted at anytime prior to bid opening.
To submit your bids from any of these machines at any time, the Digital ID for Project Bids would need be imported into the AASHTOWare Project Bids Bid software by following below steps:
  • Open AASHTOWare Project Bids Bid
  • Navigate to Tools > Manage Digital IDs
  • Click the green + sign on the righthand side
  • Find the digital ID.cer file on the machine
  • Enter the Digital ID and password
  • The Digital ID should now be successfully imported
  • Check the Digital ID under Tools> Manage Digital IDs where it should be listed

Click Internet Bidding Set Up link for additional set up details.

First time bidders click here