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Inquiry #1: In regards to Item #9 (Remove Yellow Thermoplastic (Hazardous Waste).
There is far more yellow existing than the stated amount of 620,000 LF.
Details 25 & 25A have a total of 339,000 LF & then you have the Double Yellow & Double Double Yellow Buffer from PM 25.8 to 52.2.
There could be close to 1,200,000 LF of yellow removal on the entire project.
Could Caltrans please correct this discrepancy; this is a huge cost difference, when considering the Hazardous disposal of the yellow thermoplastic debris.
Thank you

Inquiry submitted 03/03/2020

Response #1:Addendum No. 1 was issued on March 9, 2020
Response posted 03/04/2020

Inquiry #2: Will Caltrans allow for the installation of a 25-Mill Standard Cure, High performance ,2-component durable Hybrid Epoxy paint for this project; if we as the manufacture are willing to provide the required 5-year warranty to Caltrans? As this will allow for more manufactures to provide competing system.
Inquiry submitted 03/12/2020

Response #1:Bid per contract documents.
Response posted 03/13/2020

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